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Quoted: Sergei Kostitsyn on losing to the Flyers in the 2008 playoffs

Of course, I got some valuable experience because it was my first season in the NHL, my first playoffs. We started the playoffs very well, but it didn't happen for us against Philadelphia. We just didn't score enough. Last season during the regular season, we were the best team on power play, and I think we won a lot of games because of that. But in the playoffs we couldn't score as often as we did in the regular season. Maybe that's why we lost to Philadelphia, because we certainly weren't weaker than them. Quite the opposite.
-- Sergei Kostitsyn, via Puck Daddy

Didn't score enough, Sergei? 19 goals in 7 games against Boston. 13 goals in five games against the Flyers. Sixth out of 16 playoff teams in goals per game. 33 total goals in the playoffs, which ranks fifth... that's tops out of all the teams that exited in the second round. But nevermind that fact that you're flat out wrong, if you're saying is that you lost because you didn't score enough, well that means you're the weaker team.

You're an idiot. Go back to getting dropped by Tim Thomas.