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Jared Ross speaks to

jared-rossThe Pride of Huntsville, Alabama and 2009 AHL All-Star Game MVP Jared Ross conducts a chat with

An excerpt:

Q: How does it feel to get to continue to play with former University of Alabama-Huntsville teammate Scott Munroe in Philadelphia? – Virginia from Huntsville, Ala.

Ross: It’s awesome. When I was in Chicago, I thought about getting traded the year I did get traded – thinking if there’s any team I’d want to go to, it’d be Philadelphia just because of the organization and my buddy Scott Munroe’s there. I thought it’d be fun playing together. It’s a thrill to have him playing on the same team as me – we’ve been around each other the last six or seven years now and have become really good friends. Practices are so much more fun being able to shoot on him, and we were roommates on the road. It’s just to have someone that you’re a really good friend with and have known for awhile, and Scott’s a great guy, so I’m really happy to be on the same team with him.

Q: What was the experience like making your National Hockey League debut with the Flyers earlier this season? – Kevin from Boston, Mass.

Ross: It was awesome, everything I thought it was going to be. It was opening night for the Flyers, just playing that game it was unbelievable, wearing the Flyers jersey. Realizing that I was the first hockey player out of Alabama to play in the NHL, I was pretty proud to be able to do that. Just to have everybody calling and texting me from Alabama to offer congratulations, it was a really great feeling.