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Quoted: Carter on Caps Fans

I'm not buying into this whole Capitals-Flyers rivalry thing quite yet. I find it cute that they're trying so hard to get us to hate them. Isn't Bruce Boudreau adorable? This whole thing is just so one-sided. We've got an Atlantic Division to worry about, silly Caps.

Regardless however, this quote from Jeff Carter is pretty damn funny (not to mention accurate).

The most startling turnabout was the atmosphere in the arena. Throngs traveling from Philadelphia usually match the home fans in noise if not in number, yet for the first time in memory the Flyers faithful were a minor blip when compared to a playoff-intensity Capitals crowd that sold out the building for the sixth straight game. Last year on this date, Washington had exactly one sellout for the entire season.

"They're starting to get some fans now, I guess," Philadelphia center Jeff Carter said. "We can't buy all the tickets."