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Danny Briere, Yet Another Dirty Flyer?

If you ask Anaheim's James Wisniewski to list dirty players on the Flyers' roster, you'd be surprised to hear that forward Danny Briere might make the cut. Wisniewski injured his shoulder in the third period in Philadelphia on Saturday night, and he blames everybody's favorite number 48.

From the Orange County, California Register...

"[Briere] decided to finish his check while I’m lying on the ice," Wisniewski said.  "Well, my arms were laying straight out. Actually, he even went a little bit lower to get a little more piece of me, which to me is kind of a dirty hit.

"I mean, there’s no need to do that when a guy is in a vulnerable spot to go ahead and finish your check. But that happened. Stuff happens. My shoulder just kind of got crunched against the boards and that was it."

Unfortunately, there's no video of the hit available online (from my searches), and my memory doesn't recall the incident well enough to judge. It really doesn't sound like Briere to do something like that, though. Or, it could be that Danny is just so short that it just seemed to Wisniewski like he went "a little bit lower."

Nevertheless, I'd love to hear what Briere has to say about the accusations.

UPDATE! Reader DragonGirl0583 uploaded a video of the "hit" and shared it in the comments below. You'll be entertained by these accusations after you see it, and that's a guarantee.