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Report: Flyers interested in Brendan Shanahan

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The Fourth Period and the Ottawa Sun are both reporting that the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in forward Brendan Shanahan. Most recently, Shanahan played for the New Jersey Devils. He was cut by that team on October 1 after several young players pushed him out of a roster spot.

"Over the past couple of days Jacques (Lemaire) and I have had conversations," Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said at the time (via ILWT). "The unexpected has transpired. It's not that Brendan cannot play. It's that these (young) players have become something special at this time."

The Flyers could afford the 40-year-old Shanahan, who is making $1 million this season and still being paid by the Devils. It would push them close to the salary cap, given that they are currently about 1.64 million under the limit, but to get Shanahan on the roster another forward would presumably have to go, freeing up cap space.

Shanahan, a future Hall of Famer, could be seen as a welcome veteran presence on a relatively young Flyers roster.