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Lackluster Flyers fall to Sharks, 4-1

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That wasn't pretty. The Philadelphia Flyers fell to the San Jose Sharks 4-1 tonight at the Wachovia Center in possibly the most boring hockey game we've seen all season. No flow, no rhythm, and an ugly Flyers loss leads to a short, boring game recap. Manny Malhotra scored two for San Jose while Jed Ortmayer and Dany Heatley added the other two. Darroll Powe scored the lone goal for Philadelphia, who put 38 shots on San Jose's Thomas Greiss. That hefty total doesn't tell half the story, though.

  • San Jose just had more jump than the Flyers. While the orange and black controlled the tempo in the first period, it's like they fell asleep for the rest of the game. That's simply inexcusable.
  • Give credit where credit is due: the Sharks defense just did their job and shut down the Flyers offense.
  • Thomas Greiss earned a victory tonight, outplaying Brian Boucher. He didn't play lights out hockey, but he certainly stifled the Flyers successfully for his first NHL win.
  • Boucher wasn't good, but he wasn't the reason the Flyers lost, either.
  • The pairing of Kimmo Timonen and Braydon Coburn were the reason the Flyers lost tonight. They were each a minus three tonight, although the numbers on the NHL game summary say they were on the ice for all four Sharks goals.
  • Danny Briere was physically abused like a dog at Michael Vick's house. Left and right, up and down, the Sharks just had their way with him. His lip was cut open on an uncalled high stick in the second period and that just seemed to frustrate him beyond belief. It definitely got him off of his game in the third.
  • The officiating was just atrocious both ways all night long, and that's as far as we'll take that.
  • As Ben Feldman lovingly pointed out in the comments, the faceoffs were terrible as usual.
  • The ice looked real bad, and the bounces definitely went in the Sharks favor for most of the evening. The first two Sharks goals were both converted following bad bounces. 
  • The Flyers' fourth line of Darroll Powe, Mika Pyorala, and Dan Carcillo was maybe the only bright spot, but even they fell flat in the final two periods.
  • Why did Arron Asham only play eight minutes?
  • John Stevens again qualified his teams' performance post game by saying "I thought we did some good things" and that he "thought the guys played hard." Nobody else saw that, John.

Not the worst loss in the world, but there were certainly some problems tonight. Shake it off and win on the road in a much more important game Tuesday in Washington. After the jump, questions with answers and comment of the night.

Questions With Answers

  1. The Sharks have got to be tired after this long road trip. Can the Flyers take advantage? They tried in the first period but couldn't take the lead. Perhaps that gave the Sharks some jump, but the Flyers failed to capitalize on any advantage they might've had.
  2. Who has the advantage tonight, the Sharks offense or Brian Boucher? Well it's hard to tell. It definitely wasn't Boucher, but the three players who scored on him tonight weren't his teammates last year in San Jose.
  3. Can the Flyers successfully stop Heatley, Thornton, and Marleau? All three players hit the score sheet.
  4. Does Pronger continue to be the subject of recurring nightmares in San Jose? Pronger was even in 27 minutes of ice time. The man just does his job.

Comment of the Night

I was at a party at the Swedish embassy last night, and they had a big picture of Forsberg in a Flyers jersey on a wall of great Swedes.

>> Ben Rothenberg