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Wednesday Morning Fly By: The Phils blew leads early in the season, too, ya know

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Your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news...

  • Last night's NHL scores... Capitals 4, Flyers 2 - COL 3, EDM 0 - DET 5, VAN 4
  • We've got recaps of last night's loss from the, PanaccioChuck Gormley, Broad Street Bull, the Inquirer, Japers' Rink, the Washington Post's Caps Insider, and the Washington Times.
  • Mike Richards doesn't believe anything major has to change, despite the Flyers' 5-4-1 start. [BSH]
  • The big story that broke last night right before the game was that Simon Gagne will be out indefinitely with two hernias. Will he need surgery? There are still a ton of questions. [CSN Philly]
  • Florida's David Booth has spoken to the media for the first time, but hasn't given his opinion on the brutal Mike Richards hit that hospitalized him on Saturday. He did say that Richards texted him to wish him well. [Miami Herald]
  • You may remember back to February of 2008. The Flyers were playing the Rangers at the Wachovia Center when Steve Downie's skate flew up and caught linesman Pat Dapuzzo in the nose. After attempting to stitch him up, Flyers' doctors told him he couldn't go back on the ice because "he could die." The incident more than just ended his 24-year NHL career, it sent him into a harrowing journey that has gone publicly silent until now. He told his story to Chris Botta of NHL FanHouse. If you read any of these links today, make sure you click this one. [FanHouse]
  • Colorado goaltender Peter Budaj has swine flu. You know how the flu spreads around NHL locker rooms? [Puck Daddy]
  • Meet the NHL's leading scorer, Anze Kopitar. [Sporting News]
  • Gary Bettman has visited Quebec City as the natives there are getting serious about getting the NHL back. But in local politics, a high-speed train line may take priority of a reincarnation of the Nordiques. [Canadian Press]
  • The Flyers are out of the top ten in the SBN NHL Power Rankings, but they move up from seventh to sixth in the East. [SB Nation]
  • World Series Game 1, tonight in the Bronx. GO PHILS! [Phillies Nation] - [The Good Phight] - [The Fightins']