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Jones on Re-Entry Waivers, Gagne to LTIR, Shanahan Rumors False

According to both Bob McKenzie and Tim Panaccio, the Flyers have placed defenseman Randy Jones on re-entry waivers.

There is no word yet on whether he will be playing, but with Simon Gagne expected to go on the LTIR, the Flyers will have the cap space to fit Jones under the salary cap.

If a team does claim him, both the Flyers and the claiming team would be responsible for half of his $2.75 million cap hit.

From Tim Panaccio:

This may be an indication that Simon Gagne will go on long-term injury, which would allow Jones to come back onto the Flyers' roster and give them more defensive depth.

My question is, if Jones plays, does he get more than 8:38 of ice time?

UPDATE - 4:23 PM: In a conference call, Paul Holmgren has told the media that Simon Gagne will indeed head to the long-term injury reserve. Surgery has been recommended for him, but he will seek a second opinion. He said that, despite the extra cap room that is now freed up, the team has absolutely no interest in acquiring Brendan Shanahan, despite reports that came out over the weekend.