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Thursday Morning Fly By: Setting records, selling loyalties, and cancelling off-days

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Your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news...

  • Last night's NHL scores... BUF 4, NJD 1 - NYI 3, NYR 1 - STL 5, CAR 2 - PHX 4, CBJ 1 - PIT 6, MTL 1 - OTT 4, FLA 3 - NSH 4, MIN 3 - DAL 4, TOR 3 (OT) - COL 3, CGY 2 - SJS 2, LAK 1 (SO)
  • Big news day for the Flyers yesterday. Simon Gagne was sent to long-term injury reserve, and the extra salary cap room allowed the team to put Randy Jones on re-entry waivers. Also, we learned that Brendan Shanahan is not on the Flyers' radar, as previously reported. [BSH]
  • First, Gagne: team doctors have recommended surgery for the two hernias that were found in his groin. He's going to get a second opinion, but it looks more than likely that surgery will happen. [Gormley]
  • Marian Gaborik almost held out longer than Gagne on the injury front. Almost. [FanHouse]
  • Second, Jones: He will clear waivers 24 hours from the time he was originally placed on the wire, sometime around noon today. Teams are no doubt discussing the possibility of taking Jones off the Flyers' hands before that, though, given that they would only be on the hook for half of his cap hit. The Flyers would have to pay the other half. Predators and Oilers fans ask themselves if Jones would be a good option. [On the Forecheck] - [Copper & Blue]
  • The Flyers had an off-day scheduled yesterday, but Coach Stevens says "you have to earn off days." No rest for you, guys. Why doesn't the Flyers official blog use permalinks? I don't know, but because of it, this story may not be the first one on the page. [Flyers On The Fly]
  • A new regular-season ratings record was set on Versus on Tuesday night between the Flyers and Caps. [Puck Daddy]
  • Swine flu continues to sweep the league! Okay, so it's three players, but whatever. Add Washington's Quintin Laing to the list. [AP]
  • Top 10 lists are awesome, especially when they spawn some interesting debate. John Grigg looks at the top 10 events that changed the game forever. [The Hockey News]
  • Which division is the toughest in the NHL? [Puck Prospectus]
  • A disgruntled Maple Leafs fan puts his allegiance up on eBay, and it's sold to a Stars fan for $25 bucks. In an ironic twist, the Leafs lost to the Stars tonight. Would've been funnier if the Leafs won, though. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Flyers should pick up Cliff Lee to fill in during Gagne's absence. I'm sure he wouldn't miss a beat. Phils 1, Yanks 0. [Phillies Nation] - [The Good Phight] - [The Fightins']