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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Knuble, Ovechkin & Caps In Town For Home Opener

Your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

  • Last night's scores around the NHL: Rangers 3, Devils 2 - Blue Jackets 5, Canucks 3
  • The Flyers open their home schedule tonight. Coverage here all day long, of course. Get your Capitals point of view from the always excellent Japers' Rink. Previews, get your previews: Daily News, Inquirer, Courier-Post, Bill Meltzer, Ronnybrook, Flying P Blog, Flyers official, and The Washington Post.
  • If you're heading down to the Wachovia Center tonight, there are about a hundred different giveaways. Cheer cards, orange t-shirts, and magnet schedules.
  • The Flyers are currently in the middle of their most difficult week of the schedule. Quite the litmus test. [CSN Philly]
  • Claude Giroux hasn't seen much power play time so far this season. Considering the new additions, it's hard to believe anybody will see as much special teams time as they did previously. [Clockwork Orange]
  • Ray Emery stops basically everything so far in his NHL season, while Robert Esche is scoring on himself over in Russia. [YouTube]
  • It's still early, but national pundits are taking notice. Bob McKenzie of TSN, one of the smartest hockey analysts around, thinks the Flyers have hit a homer with Emery. [TSN]
  • ESPN Power Rankings: Flyers ranked 5th... down from 3rd? [ESPN]
  • Can Alex Ovechkin score 50 goals in 50 games? [Japers']
  • Due to ridiculous exclusivity rights held by Versus, fans of the Hurricanes won't be able to watch their game tonight. Instead, they're forced to watch our game with the Caps. Hey, considering the Caps are their biggest competition, at least we gain a few fans tonight? Right? [Canes Country]
  • Looks like the NHL's Premiere series in Europe will continue for a fourth season next year. [ESPN]
  • Hockey fans are "more affulent" than fans of the NFL, MLB, or NBA. If only I represented the trend... [Wall Street Journal]
  • "Through 2 games the Leafs defense has blocked 30 shots. [Leaf goalie] Vesa Toskala has blocked 28." [@felixpotvin]