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Fan Confidence Rating Up 11.2%, Comes in at 88.5% In Week 2

fan confidence 88.5
fan confidence 88.5

Two impressive victories over Carolina and New Jersey have bumped the Broad Street Hockey Fan Confidence Rating up a drastic 11.2 percent from 77.3 percent to 88.5 percent in just one week. In week two of the new poll, 393 readers voted on a scale of 0-percent to 100-percent on how confident they are in the current direction of the Philadelphia Flyers.

The numbers don't tell the entire story, however. Last week, in the first edition of the poll, the original number would've been much higher than 77.3, perhaps maybe somewhere in the mid-80's, if it weren't for a high number of trolling voters who brought the total average down. In week one, 25 "fans" (more likely visitors of other teams) voted that they had 0 percent confidence in the Flyers. In week two, just two people voted the same way, causing the final number to go up big time.

As for the other votes, most fans voted that they had 90 percent confidence in the team, with 188 voters turning in that result. 96 said they were fully, 100 percent confident in the team, which is enviable because most fans only dream of that kind of confidence in a sports team. 87 people voted that they had 80 percent confidence in the team, while the others only came in with a handful of votes a piece.

In week three of the poll next Monday, we should have a much better feel for the team after playing the Capitals, Penguins, and Ducks.