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Dave Schultz inducted into Flyers Hall of Fame - with video

Good luck, and God bless the Philadelphia Flyers.

>> Dave Schultz, pointing to the Flyers bench

Prior to this evening's game at the Wachovia Center, the Flyers inducted Dave "The Hammer" Schultz into the team's Hall of Fame. He is the 20th player to receive the honor. The ceremony reportedly went long and the organization will likely be fined by the league for delaying the start of the game. Any fine levied is well worth it, however, and I'm sure Ed Snider agrees. UPDATE: According to Anthony SanFillippo, the Flyers were given an extension for puck drop. They just made the 7:20 PM deadline, meaning no fine will be handed out.

It would've been fitting for the team to be handed a penalty by the league on Dave Schultz night.

Take a jump and check out the videos from the arena tonight, courtesy of the Flyers and the NHL.

A tribute to Dave Schultz, narrated by Jim Jackson...

The pregame video honoring The Hammer...

The induction speech...