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Happy Thanksgiving! A few new tools here at BSH to celebrate the holiday

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Happy Thanksgiving! Sure, it's cliche, but we're thankful for each and every one of our readers. You make this worth it every day. Thanks, and keep coming back.

Now that that's out of the way... we have a few new gadgets to introduce here today. If you'll oblige and take a peek over at the left hand sidebar, you'll notice a bit of a different look. We used to have a few more boxes over there with a few things nobody cared about, so we decided to clean it up, throw a few things out, and add a few things we hope get some actual use.

Breaking down these minor tweaks...

  • Bio page change. We took out the box with our names and a link to our bio page. We thought the name box was kind of redundant, and the simple text link to our bio page was pretty ugly. So we've simply added a little button that links to that same bio page. Click through to find out who Geoff's favorite President is.
  • New page for BSH Radio. You'll notice the second box links to a new page for BSH Radio. We still have the radio widget on the right of the page, but now you can head to one hub for all of your BSH Radio desires. From this new page, you can stream live episodes, stream and/or download archived episodes, subscribe to the podcast feed via iTunes, and find the answers to some more questions about the show. If you have anything else you'd like to see added to that page, let us know in the comments or by e-mail and we'll certainly add it.
  • Organizational Depth Chart. Getting back to the on-ice stuff now, we've added an organizational depth chart. It's basically just a quick look at the depth the Flyers organization has at each position. A chart like this can't be found anywhere else on the Web (as far as we know), though, so we thought that was pretty cool.
  • Salary Cap Chart. The old salary cap chart hadn't been updated in some time, so we've replaced it with a link to the oft-updated and generally excellent
  • Draft Pick Tracker. This was on the site before and we still think it's a pretty cool little tool. It basically tracks each of the Flyers draft picks, showing how many they currently hold, what happened to previous picks, where picks have been traded, and what conditions are attached to applicable picks.
  • Twitter Tracker. Hate Twitter and don't want to create your own account, but still realize that important news breaks on the social network? Addicted to Flyers-related Tweets but can't access Twitter at work? Meet the BSH Twitter Tracker. Basically, it's an aggregator of Flyers-related Twitterers that's automatically updated live on one page. It's limited to a few bloggers and media folk so the news doesn't get lost in the fold. This idea was totally and blatantly ripped off from Japers' Rink, for which we feel no shame but graciously thank for the idea. 
  • Facebook and Twitter. We've added prominent and good looking buttons linking to our Twitter feed and Facebook page. If you aren't following us on Twitter, what are you waiting for? And if you're not a fan of us on Facebook, you need to seriously re-evaluate your life. 

We hope these small little additions and tweaks have no real bearing on your day at all, but that you think they're cool nonetheless. As always, if you ever have any suggestions for ways to make our humble Internet home better, don't hesitate to shoot an email our way or leave it in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving.