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Don't believe the rumors: Flyers not interested in Forsberg

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Irresponsible journalism strikes again.

Despite numerous reports to the contrary, the Flyers are NOT interested in Swedish forward Peter Forsberg. Such rumors have shown up on Yahoo! Sports, XM Radio's NHL Home Ice, Eklund at Hockeybuzz, NHL Network's NHL Live program, and The Fourth Period

These reports all say that Flyers scout Ilkka Sinisalo is in Finland for the Karjala Cup scouting Forsberg. The Daily News has reported on several occasions, however, that Sinisalo was planning on attending the tournament, which features national teams from Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, and Russia, prior to Forsberg ever making it known he'd be taking part.

Here's an excerpt from the Daily News article...

As first reported in the Daily News in September, the Flyers have zero interest in Forsberg. That much has not changed, two different NHL sources confirmed on Tuesday. Reports surfaced this week that the Flyers sent European scout Ilkka Sinisalo to Helsinki to watch Forsberg. Instead, Sinisalo had planned to attend the tournament before Forsberg committed.

And as the Inquirer's Sam Carchidi reported on his blog on Tuesday, general manager Paul Holmgren himself said that "to say [Sinisalo] is scouting Peter is a stretch." So no matter how many media outlets ignore the facts and try to make a story out of nothing, do not believe that the Flyers want him back. It's simply not true. Let him go to the Rangers -- Forsberg will not be a Flyer again.