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Pronger to Tavares: 'Keep Your Head Up'

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"I hit him in the first [Islanders-Flyers] game. He told me, 'Keep your head up.' I didn't realize he meant the whole season."

>> John Tavares, speaking about Chris Pronger (via Lighthouse Hockey)

Welcome to the NHL, kid.

Chris Pronger gave the first overall draft pick a less-than-legal shove to the back on Tuesday night, causing the wunderkind to knock his skull into the glass, chipping a tooth. Islanders fans across the hockey world were furious at the hit, egged on by Pronger's little smirk as he skated away from the scene of the crime.

Yes, it was a crime. Pronger was given a two minute penalty on the play, but nothing more. Did he deserve a suspension? Do Isles' fans have a gripe? Sure, but they'll be over it in a week. Is Tavares going to keep an eye out for Pronger when the Isles play the Flyers between now and 2017? You bet.