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Flyers reportedly looking to deal

According to a report by Sam Carchidi of the Inquirer, Paul Holmgren and company are looking to trade, and another source says they have been sniffing the waters since before Peter Laviolette was hired. Carchidi writes that an absurd number (16) of scouts were in attendance for last night's game against the Senators, and if they weren't lulled to sleep by the game, they may have been able to take a look at some possible trade pieces.

Most of the Carchidi piece is purely speculation, but The Fourth Period added some more certainty to the report.

Here's TFP's David Pagnotta:

The Flyers have been looking to make a change well before they fired John Stevens and replaced him with Peter Laviolette. Holmgren's looking for a fix up front, and while I understand why they believe they're ok between the pipes, if Emery comes back and can't get his game together, Philly will have to look for outside help between the pipes.

Nothing we're not really aware of, but still, it puts a definitive stamp on things for us. The Flyers are looking for help.