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Devils Win 4-1, Flyers Still Hellaciously Bad

The good news: Claude Giroux scored a crazy soft goal to prevent Martin Brodeur from claiming a record 104th career shutout against the Orange and Black.

The bad news: Everything else.

I don't want to go into the gruesome details of this game too much, but suffice it was nothing new.  They looked terrible.  If his last name starts with a "C," he was especially terrible.

The Flyers, as we know them right now, are simply not a good hockey team.  The switch to Laviolette clearly was not enough to put this team back on track.  It's now pretty clear that something pretty drastic has got to happen, and soon.  I recommend confiscating the players' cars and making them walk to work every day.  They could use that kind of character building.  I would let Boucher keep his car for now, though. He's not to blame at all for this mess.

Here are some harsh realities the team has to deal with right now:

  • In their last ten games against teams that don't rhyme with "Die Flanders," the Flyers are 0-10-0, earning exactly zero points.
  • In those ten games, the Flyers have scored 14 goals, which works out to an average of 1.4 goals a game.  The all-time record for lowest GAA for a goalie for a season is 1.91, a full half-goal above the Flyers current production. 
  • For the first time this season, the Flyers have more regulation losses than they have wins.  Yowch.  They also now average less than a point-per-game for the first time in this campaign

After the jump, highlights from the game, questions answered, and tonight's pick for the best Philadelphia bridge to jump off of.


Questions answered with the same amount of effort as the team put in:

  1. Does this team come out ready to play? Nope.
  2. Can they get a 60 minute effort? Nope.
  3. Will the special teams do their job? Nope.
  4. Can Brian Boucher continue his stellar play? Nope.
  5. Is it possible to win two in a row in New Jersey? Nope.

The Market Street Bridge is lovely this time of year.