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Not OK: Tollefsen injured for 13th time since 2006

Since the Flyers signed Ole-Kristian Tollefsen back in July, I've written several times about his inability to stay healthy for any period of time throughout his NHL career so far.

So after missing 16 games with a concussion and several more as a healthy scratch this season, it figures that in the first period of the first game he cracks the lineup again, he'd skate into the corner and injure his knee. He'll miss three to four weeks with what the Flyers called a Grade 2 sprain of that knee.

Let's update the injury chart, shall we?

  • December 2006, broken nose, missed 1 game
  • Early February 2007, broken ribs, missed 1 game
  • Late February 2007, elbow injury, missed 2 games
  • April 2007, hip injury, missed final 3 games of season
  • November 2007, hand injury, missed 4 games
  • December 2007, neck injury, missed 11 games
  • February 2008, concussion, missed 3 games
  • March 2008, upper body injury, missed final 7 games of season
  • December 2008, head injury, missed 16 games
  • February 2008, knee injury, missed final 27 games including 4 playoff games
  • September 2009, minor injury, missed training camp time and first 3 games of season
  • November 2009, concussion, missed 14 games (some as a healthy scratch, though)
  • December 2009, knee, out 3 to 4 weeks

This poor guy can't catch a break, but there comes a point where you have to stop feeling bad and begin wondering why he's been such an injury magnet. Danny Syvret has been called up from the Phantoms and will play tonight in Pittsburgh Coburn will return to the lineup and play tonight in Pittsburgh, probably with Oskars Bartulis.