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Philadelphia Flyers Fan Confidence Rating: 12/16 Voting

It's time for another vote in our Fan Confidence Rating poll. In previous polls taken since the beginning of the season, fan confidence has hovered around 80 percent. Will it be dramatically lower now that the Flyers are spinning out of control, or do you believe this team will turn it around?

You vote, on a scale of 0 percent to 100 percent, how confident you are in the current direction of the organization as a whole. That means that you're taking into account the team's on-ice performance, management and coaching decisions, and the overall status of prospects and the farm system.

Voting will be open for 24 hours, and the results will be posted on tomorrow morning and graphed alongside previous results.

So, how confident are you in the current direction of the Philadelphia Flyers? Vote in the poll and let us know how you feel in the comments.