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Results Are In: Fan Confidence Plummets Over 40 Points

The Broad Street Hockey Fan Confidence Rating is a measurement of how confident fans are in the current direction of the organization as a whole. Voters take into account the team's on-ice performance, management and coaching decisions, and the overall status of prospects and the farm system.

In a not so surprising shift of faith, confidence among Flyers fans has dropped from 77.9 percent back on November 23rd to 34.5 percent today.

It's not really that hard to understand. Back during that last installment of our poll, the Flyers were sitting tall at 12-7-1, right in the middle of that terrible Western road trip that seemed to start all of this chaos. Sure, they were fresh off of losses to San Jose and Phoenix at the time the polls opened, but we never thought what's occurred would ever happened.

Since then, they've won three games. Nine losses. They now sit at 15-16-1 and are a full 16 points behind first place in the Atlantic Division. The team has a new head coach, an injured starting goaltender, and a potent offense that has been everything but. And since this poll takes into account everything, from the management to the farm system, it's worth noting that the organization doesn't even hold a first round draft pick this season.

34.5 percent confidence in this team? That could be considered a little high, given the circumstances. Feel free to explain your votes below, and thanks to the 485 of you who took part.