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Boucher hurt as Flyers lose again

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Final - 12.21.2009 1 2 3 Total
Florida Panthers 1 1 2 4
Philadelphia Flyers 0 0 1 1

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The Panthers scored four times. The Flyers scored once, but by then, it didn't even matter. Brian Boucher busted his finger, and while he returned to the bench with what looked to be ice on his hand, there's no word on how long he'll be out of the lineup. The power play was anemic like usual, and the parade to the penalty box continued on and on and on into the night. The fans booed. A lot.

There's your game recap. I won't bore you with stats or anything similar, because logic doesn't seem to work with this team anymore. As one of the FSN Florida broadcasters said after Nathan Horton's second goal of the night, "this is just too easy." That tells the story quite simply.

The Flyers will go on the road now for the next six games, including New Years Day at Fenway Park in Boston. That is, if the NHL and NBC don't retract the invitation.

In other news, congrats to Martin Brodeur, who broke the record for most shutouts in NHL history tonight with his 104th.

Normally I would apologize for the short recap, but when the same problems are the cause of the loss game after game, it's miserable having to write these. It's miserable being a fan of this team right now. After the jump, questions with answers, comment of the night, and your thoughts on yet another tally in the loss column.

Questions With Answers

  1. Simple question: how long does it take a Panther to take a run at Mike Richards, and does it end in an all-out bloodbath? 3 minutes, 42 seconds. Bryan McCabe, captain of the Panthers, challenged Richards to a bout, and the Flyers captain obliged. That's hockey.
  2. If that happens, can the Flyers use it as something to pump them up? Nothing else seems to work. If it doesn't happen, can they find any other motivation? No and no.
  3. Do the Flyers dress Cote to counter Florida's goon duo, and how much ice time do any of these goons get? Cote saw 1:04 of ice time, Florida's MacIntyre saw 2:00 even, and Mike Duco played 6:29.
  4. We all know the other questions like they're a broken record by now. Scoring, power play, penalty kill, goaltending. What's the deal tonight? All noted above, all atrocious like usual. 

Comment of the Night

Why would you ruin Vokoun’s chance at a shutout?

>> Chocula78, after the Flyers lone goal