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Even Lower: Fan Confidence Under 30 Percent

The Broad Street Hockey Fan Confidence Rating is a measurement of how confident fans are in the current direction of the organization as a whole. Voters take into account the team's on-ice performance, management and coaching decisions, and the overall status of prospects and the farm system.

While the drop was not as precipitous as last week's 40 point plummet, confidence of Flyers fans dropped another 8 points this week from 34.5 percent to 28.3 percent. The results were sort of expected.

As of the polling yesterday, the Flyers had only picked up one of a possible six points in three games since the previous poll. Things were and still are pretty bleak, as the team needs to go on a serious tear from here on out to even make the playoffs. Voting was still open as the team won a 5-2 decision in Tampa last night, but clearly that wasn't enough to give the voting an upswing. Only one voter said they have 100 percent confidence in the team, while 48 said they have absolutely zero confidence in the current direction of the Flyers.

How did you vote?