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Lawsuit possible against "irresponsible" blogger

According to the Inquirer this morning, Comcast-Spectacor is contemplating a lawsuit against a previously unknown Philadelphia blogger who spread a rumor last week about Scott Hartnell, his wife Lisa, and Jeff Carter. The blogger who spread the rumor, which was quickly rejected by Flyers PR staff, the Hartnell's, and Carter, is a Temple University senior named Jerry Brennan.

When contacted by Broad Street Hockey last week, Brennan told us that he "has nothing to defend" and that he had a "very legit" source. He called the source -- who apparently hid behind a shield of anonymity -- credible. Brennan also said that he presented "the story as rumor, not fact."

Given the news this morning, that could be up for debate by a court of law if Comcast-Spectacor decides on that course of action.

Discussion of the rumor here at Broad Street Hockey was kept under a watchful eye by staff, and ultimately, deleted by the user who wrote a FanPost on the subject. Several other bloggers, including us here at BSH and those at Flyers Goal Scored By..., The 700 Level, and Ronnybrook, are on record around the web denouncing the rumor.

For whatever reason, the Inquirer decided not to report on how the rumor was received around the responsible majority of the blogosphere. Instead, the Inquirer audience is given what we believe is an unfair picture of all bloggers.