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BSH Radio, Episode 4 - The Tale of Two Peters: Laviolette Coaches, Raaymakers Talks Senators

On Wednesday night's edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio, myself, Ben, and Geoff were joined by Peter Raaymakers of, as we talked about the Sens and tomorrow night's game with Ottawa at the Wachovia Center.

We also held a roundtable discussion on the current issues surrounding the team.

Peter Laviolette in, John Stevens out. We chatted about the implications the move will have on the team.

Is this team just bad? Have we over valued them?

How much of the Flyers 6-2 win over the Islanders was the result of New York just not being a good hockey team?

The Dan Carcillo suspension. Deserved or not? What about Chris Pronger's hit on John Tavares on Tuesday night? Should the NHL have suspended Pronger?

The archived podcast should be available within the next few hours.