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Broad Street Bits: Thursday 2.19.09


  • You can win the 1979 Barry Ashbee Award... on eBay. Also, would you like some Bob Clarke Cabernet while you're wearing your Bully Cologne? [The 700 Level]

  • Alexei Kovalev should probably pack his bags. He's all but gone in Montreal. []
  • Despite rumors, it doesn't look like Penn State is getting Division 1 ice hockey just yet. College Hockey News has the scoop. Also, Western College Hockey Blog has a great read on PSU's situation and the possibilites of a new Big 10 hockey conference. [WCH Partt 1, Part 2]
  • Mats Sundin prepares for a media onslaught when he visits Toronto on Saturday night. [The Globe and Mail]
  • The Columbus Dispatch profiles former Flyer head coach Ken Hitchcock.
  • The playoff chances for the Ducks don't look promising. [Orange County Register]

After the jump, a look at last night around the league and the current playoff picture.

There were five games in the NHL last night but only two affected the Eastern Conference playoff race. Before we get into those games, let's take a look at the standings as of this morning.

standings as of Thursday morning

The gap between playoff teams and non-playoff teams is widening by the day it seems. Pittsburgh and Carolina need to get their acts together quickly if they want in on the fun.

(5) New York Rangers 3, (15) New York Islanders 1 - The Rangers finally won, after dropping three straight and eight of their last nine. They came into the evening in the 8th seed (how funny is that?) and their big win over the worst team in hockey will certainly be a beacon of pride for the Rangers hockey club for decades to come. The win puts them a point behind the Flyers with the good guys holding about 18,000 games in hand.

(2) Washington Capitals 4, (6) Montreal Canadiens 3 - I love seeing Montreal in pain. It looked like they were going to get a reprieve from their suicidal hopes, but then the Washington Capitals happened. David Steckel scored with 2:39 remaining in the third, and then Alexander Semin got the game winner in the shootout. hahaha. Also, catch AO's highlight reel goal, posted by Shagg over in the FanShots. Montreal has won just three of it's last 14 games.