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Ticket prices to stay the same for 2009/10

Comcast-Spectacor said Monday it will not raise ticket prices for Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia 76ers games next season.

In addition, the Philadelphia sports and entertainment company unveiled a “fan relief” program to “personally assist” season ticket holders, game plan holders and fans interested in attending Flyers, Sixers or Philadelphia Phantoms games.

The program includes new five-game and three-game ticket plans, lowering the price for the all-you-can-eat section at Flyers’ games to $33 per ticket, and $10 mezzanine level tickets for Sixers’ games through a partnership with McDonald’s.

>> Philadelphia Business Journal

The current prices range from $96 in the lower bowl to $63, $53, $46, and $23 in the upper level. For the past three seasons, the Flyers have offered two family sections, 222 and 222A, with prices at $20 for adults and $10 for kids. The Flyers are sixth highest in the league with an average ticket price of $60.25 this season, behind Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Boston, and Minnesota.

This is the first time since the lockout that the Flyers have not raised prices.

BSH's Take: This doesn't change the fact that the average fan is continuously priced out of the the Wachovia Center. A mere 400 seats in the family section is laughable, and you'd be lucky to get one of those (let alone two or enough for a family). After parking and food and gas, I can barely afford to sit in the remaining seats in the upper deck, and it's been almost two seasons since I've enjoyed a game in the lower bowl at the Wachovia Center. As one of the teams most fervant supporters, that's a slap in the face. I'm sure most Flyer fans agree with me.