Giroux Sent Down to Make Room For Briere

Editor's note: The Flyers sent down Claude Giroux and Lasse Kukkonen to the Phantoms to make room for Danny Briere, who will play tomorrow afternoon. Nate Guenin was also called up to fill the hole left by the departing Kukkonen.

I don't know about all of you, but I'm sure most of you agree this is a bad move.  I'm not saying Briere shouldn't be activated, but if this team can't find room for Claude on its roster, then they shouldn't be fighting for home ice in the playoffs.  I can think of four players I'd rather see sent down to make room: Asham, Ross, Cote, or Powe.  Jared Ross just got called up and he should be the first one down.  Aaron Asham and Riley Cote don't need to both be on the team, so either can go, and Darroll Powe simply because he's not as good as Claude Giroux.  I like all four of those guys, but with the way Giroux has been playing, I don't see how he hasn't earned a spot on the team yet.

I can only assume this has to do with money, because it can't be skill, flexibility in position, vision, trust, stats, or size.  Hopefully somebody can add insight because this doesn't make any sense to me.

Related note: Guenin up and Kukkonen down tells me the team still isn't sure if Timonen will be healthy, because why call up Guenin to sit rather than leave Kukks the constant scratch?

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