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An Uncomfortable Look At The Standings

standings as of Sunday night

A quick glance at these Eastern Conference standings makes you feel a lot less comfortable about the Flyers circumstances. A few days ago, as the Flyers were coming off of wins versus Washington and Los Angeles, things looked a lot better. The orange and black were four points ahead of the Canadiens and they were seemingly ready widen the gap between the fourth and fifth seeds to a six point margin.

Now, thanks to Montreal's four-straight-surge, the Habs are right on the Flyers door step. The Panthers withstood a hiccup yesterday against the Devils and cruised against the Capitals today. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has climbed back into the top eight for what seems like the first time in months, and even they are within striking distance of the Flyers.

Nothing is guaranteed right now, and the Flyers need to step it up. It starts with a tough road game on Tuesday night in Boston, and hopefully the Flyers will have Kimmo Timonen and Claude Giroux to complete a healthy, stacked lineup and provide a much needed boost.