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A Tuesday Night Hockey Guide


There are 11 games in the NHL tonight. Six of them will impact the Eastern Conference playoff picture, so let's take a look.

7:00 PM - Chicago at #2 New Jersey: This one is on NHL Network if you've got it. The story will be Martin Brodeur going for the all-time wins record tonight, but for our purposes, let's hope Chicago spoils the fun. Go Hawks.

7:30 PM - #7 NY Rangers at #6 Montreal: This is a tough one to decide. Montreal is technically closer to the Flyers because they've played one less game than the Rangers. Besides, the Rangers suck, so we shouldn't have to worry about them in the long run. They can help us out by beating Montreal tonight.

7:30 PM - #10 Buffalo at Ottawa: Buffalo is trying to play themselves out of the playoffs, but the teams ahead of them are doing the same. Florida and Carolina have both lost three straight. The Sabres are going to start getting desperate, but for our purposes, one less team in the mix is always good. Go Sens.

7:30 PM - Atlanta at #5 Pittsburgh: If you don't cheer for Atlanta, you've got serious issues and you should consult a doctor immediately.

7:30 PM - #3 Washington at #9 Florida: You've got to ask yourself here: can the Flyers make up a 12 point deficit at this point? They have three games in hand over the Caps, so it's possible. In the name of looking  ahead before looking behind, Go Panthers?

In the Philadelphia area, Sharks-Coyotes is on Comcast Network at 10 PM.

Oh, right. Go Flyers, too.

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