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Jack Edwards is an idiot

First off, when Randy Jones hit Patrice Bergeron from behind last season, just about every sane Flyer fan knew it was a penalty. Every sane person on the planet knew it was a penalty. I even supported the suspension. And we didn't laugh at Bergeron's fate, although some of us held the opinion that he put himself in a vulnerable position on the play.

But that doesn't mean we wanted the guy to get hurt. So when Milan Lucic, a Bruin, does virtually the exact same thing to Jones tonight and no penalty is called, and then you call it "irony," that makes you an idiot.

Nevermind the fact that you laughed like an Dr. Evil was putting laser beams on the heads of sharks. Nevermind the fact that you apparently get pleasure out of a potentially season ending hit, as long as it's not your team.

Thankfully, Jones was fine. But that doesn't matter here.

There's a difference between rooting for the home team and being a doofus. You manage to do the second one quite well, and while I doubt NESN will fire you over this completely unprofessional showing, you should know that you deserve that fate.

hat tip to Puck Daddy on the clip