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To trade, or not to trade?

This team probably doesn't need a goaltender or even another defenseman. Not at this point.  They need time to grow together. They need time to solve that nagging weakness of the errant passes coming out of their own end.  Then, and only then, will they cut down on the shots the goaltenders are seeing.   Until then, no defenseman and no goaltender is going to make any difference.


I think a big move, like acquiring Bouwmeester from Florida could be the shake-up we need to get back on track.

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The opinions are wide and ranging. Some think the Flyers need a big shakeup. Some think they're just fine how they are. Some think they need a minor shakeup. Some think Danny Briere and Kimmo Timonen returning are the needed jump the team will use.

The trade deadline is just 24 hours away, so what should Paul Holmgren do?

The case for making a deal

Those who say the Flyers need a big deal simply feel that the team on the ice every night is not sufficient to win the Cup. The defense is too thin, especially when Randy Jones is getting 25 minutes a night, and the defense is the reason the Flyers have failed in their past two deep playoff runs.

In 2004, and yeah, that was a long way back, but that year the Flyers had Sami Kapanen playing defense in the Eastern Conference Finals. The d-corps was decimated by injury and there was nobody there to fill in. Last season against Pittsburgh, the defense suffered two major injuries which went a long way in deciding the series.

If Holmgren were to pick up a guy like Bouwmeester, Kaberle, or Pronger, it would presumably stop that scenario from happening again.

Then there's the goaltending. One of the goalies already here could be used as trade bait, which would effectively end goalie controversy.

The case for standing pat

The Flyers are a good team. They have been seriously hurt by the flu for long stretches this season, and that has taken a hit at their point total. But they are still in the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference and have a legitimate shot at the Stanley Cup as currently comprised.

The defense with Kimmo Timonen is very good. With Timonen-Parent and Coburn-Carle as the top two pairings, Jones and Andrew Alberts become a sufficient third pairing who aren't receiving a ridiculously high amount of ice time.

The goaltending is good enough to win. Martin Biron proved last season that he's good enough to do it, and with Antero Niittymaki challenging him this season, the goalies are in an even better situation.

The offensive depth on the Flyers is unlike any other team in the league, and now they are finally healthy and ready to push into the postseason. There is no reason to mess with what is brewing here just for the sake of making a deal.

Anything you'd like to add? Which camp are you in?