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Briere for Bouwmeester, straight up?

So here it is: J-Bo to Philadelphia for Daniel Briere. It’s win-win, I tells ya. Florida is ranked 17th in the NHL in goals-for and Briere gives them a No. 1 center (Nathan Horton has never scored more than 62 points in a season – that’s not No. 1 center production). On the defensive side, the Panthers will naturally have to reconcile the Nick Boynton situation, but assuming they do, the uptick in offense will counterbalance the loss on defense (and hey, that’s a pretty good return for a UFA).

For Philly fans, the math is simple: Briere’s contract is a millstone around the franchise’s neck ($6.5 million for the next six seasons after this campaign) and the team seemed to do fine when he was on the shelf with injuries. Most teams would kill for the depth the Flyers have at center and I think the Black and Orange will do just fine with Mike Richards and Jeff Carter down the middle, don’t you?

Briere’s contract does include a no-trade clause, but that hasn’t stopped teams from moving players in similar situations in the past.

In exchange, the Flyers pick up a No. 1 defenseman in Bouwmeester, which effectively primes them for a run at the Stanley Cup, assuming Martin Biron has some leftover playoff magic from last season.

>> Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News

We've all complained about Danny's return -- how we've been fine without him, how he's hurting chemistry by returning, how worthy players are out of the lineup because of him, how he is a drain on the salary cap -- but would you really pull the trigger on a deal for him?

Mr. Kennedy makes a great case for this trade. My beef with the whole Bouwmeester thing has been that I didn't want to see our offensive depth go or one of Carle and Coburn go in the trade. Trading Briere for J-Bo, straight up, achieves that.

For me, it comes down to this. I love this deal. I think it's excellent, and it seriously solves our cap problem. BUT, I wouldn't do it if we're not guaranteed to sign Bouwmeester. I don't want a rental player, no matter who it is.

And how much would we be adding if we did sign Bouwmeester to a long-term contract? I'm sure it wouldn't be at Briere's level, but it definitely could strap the cap situation down again.

Would you do this trade?

hat tip to Litter Box Cats on the original story