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Letter from the Enemy, Part 2

As part of our ongoing coverage of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals between the Flyers and Penguins, FrankD from Pensburgh and I have been exchanging letters. Here is his latest letter, following Pittsburgh's 4-1 win last night. Be sure to head over across enemy lines to see my correspondence.

Thanks for coming by for the thread Flyers fans.  It was nice having you, even more so because the Pens completely dominated.

So one down three more to go until a sweep, huh?  I'd love to see Pitt take the series in Philly.  But somehow I don't think the Flyers will roll over and let that happen.  Hopefully the Pens believe that too because the last thing I want to see is a split series by midnight on Friday.

Marty Biron looked shaky.  His defense wasn't helping him and the offense couldn't pull anything together.  Post hits or not, it just wasn't their night.  By the way, is Scottie Hartnell wearing a Pens jersey under his Flyers one?  Really appreciate those PP chances.  Keep it going.

And how about those last 40 seconds?  Can't take a loss can you?  Somehow I'm not the least bit surprised.  A cheap shot at Staal, a fight with Guerin, a high stick off the faceoff on Max Talbot.  One hit's an accident, two is a coincidence but three is just an obvious example of poor sportsmanship.

Pitt is one win closer to the Cup while Philly is one loss closer to trading in sticks for clubs.

See ya for Game 2.


We need to win on Friday. Get these guys off their high horse, Flyers.

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