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Letter from the Enemy, Part 3

A win in this series would make these letters a lot more fun. In case you missed the first two, Frank from Pensburgh and I have been passing notes back and forth in class throughout the series. They mostly consist of making fun of Sidney Crosby.

Sorry for the delay on this letter.  I got caught up doing a little spring cleaning around the house this weekend and amidst all the sorting, junking and sweeping I couldn't find time to get to a computer.  Nevertheless, here I am.  And just for the record, the cleaning may be done but I left the broom out.  You know, in case of emergencies.

So how about it?  The Flyers gave their all the other night and just couldn't pull out the win.  Much to their credit they looked like they wanted it.  Had they played like that in Game One it would've really set the tone for the series.

Understandably when Pitt hits the ice at Wachovia Center the tides may change.  Of course if you're led to believe your local media personalities then the series will head back to Pitt tied at two a piece and Crosby will be held scoreless because he's "scared"  of the fans.

Never mind the fact that Sid plays some of his best hockey in Philly, scoring nearly two points a game throughout his career. 

Honestly I can't wait to see some of the creative posters and chants from the fans.  When you bring your worst Sid brings his best, so by all means go all out.

Game Three awaits,


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