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The Penguins don't like it rough

We don't want to get into those, like, wrestling match. We want to stay, um, like we wanna keep like playing our system and our game. And we know we're not a team that runs around and like, search for little battles or little wrestling. We're just like, stay composed and just play our game.

>> Kris Letang

We knew that they were gonna try to suck us in and play their style and, you know, like get those scrums, get those little fights. And I think that's the way they wanna beat us. You know, it worked tonight because we got sucked in, and for us to be successful we have to play like we did at home. Just change your lines, get away from the scrums, just keep getting at it, because I feel our top three lines when we play five-on-five we've got a better hockey club and that's how we're gonna beat them.

>> Petr Sykora

If you can look past the fact that the Flyers held a 2-0 lead before Game 2 got even close to anything that could be called physical, then yeah, I think these guys might have a point. If you ignore the fact that the Flyers had six power plays and only scored on one of them, then yeah, maybe Sykora is right. Or, you could just pretend that the Flyers didn't score three goals at even strength and two goals while playing down a man (one being the empty netter, of course).

If you ignore the truth, then yes, the Flyers played physical, got the Penguins off of their game, and that's why Pittsburgh lost on Sunday afternoon. If you live in the real world, then Petr Sykora, Kris Letang, and anybody else that agrees with them is just plain wrong.

I'm not saying the Flyers don't try to play physical and try to get the Penguins off of their game. That's 100 percent, unequivocally what the Flyers try to do each and every time they hit the ice. But to say that's the reason Pittsburgh lost yesterday? You've got to be kidding me.

Pittsburgh lost on Sunday because a) the Flyers beat them to loose pucks, b) Philadelphia was absolutely suffocating on defense, c) the Flyers depth players put pucks in the net and the Penguin equivalents didn't come close, and d) the Flyers played a better hockey game.

Nice attempt to justify your poor outing though, guys.

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