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Letter from the Enemy, Part 4

These letters are a lot more fun when the Flyers win. Here's Pensburgh's FrankD with his latest correspondance. Make sure you head over to the dark side to see my letter to Pens fans.

Well ya can't win em all, can ya?  But I don't need to tell you - you already know that from last season.

Good showing yesterday.  The offense was fired up right away thanks to a great goal by one of the league's top scorers.  The drop pass from Lupul gave Jeff Carter enough time to walk straight in on Fleury, tie his skates and adjust his jock before he put a forehand to backhand move into the net.  No stopping that.

Thanks again for all those power play chances but I guess it just wasn't Pitt's day to capitalize on them.  Philly was more than capable of controlling the puck when up a man and had no problem benefiting from their PK as well.  Excellent work.

One more to go here in Philly.  Will Pitt send the series back to Pitt up 3-1, or will we have a best of three series later this week?  I suppose we'll have to wait and see. 

And by the way, did you see the end of that game?  Notice how there weren't any cheap shots, fights (minus Ashom's knuckle-dragging move on Letang) or misconducts?  That's how you take a loss with class.  I hope the Flyers took notes.  They may need to do the same later in the series.


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