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Imagine if this guy encountered NHL officiating...

Flyer prospect Ladislav Scurko has been accused of murdering a hockey referee over failure to repay a debt.

According to Slovak TV, the 23-year-old center, who was a sixth-round pick of the Flyers in 2004, has been charged with stabbing referee Marek Liptag 14 times.

Liptag’s decomposed body was reportedly dumped in a shallow grave in a forest where it was found. The killing is believed to have occurred months ago off a roadway near Kosice, Slovakia, according to newspaper reports.

>> Tim Panaccio,

The Flyers aren't commenting on the situation as of now. He wasn't all that great of a player in the Western Hockey League, with his best season coming three years ago when he tallied 18 goals and 43 points. Apparently he couldn't stick anywhere in the US minor leagues, considering he went back to Europe after he finished in Major Junior.