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Jack Edwards is an idiot, part two

From an interview he gave to Puck The Media, discussing his idiocy.

Okay, first of all, everybody has a right to his opinion, and I enjoy strong opinions.  What I don’t respect is people who call names and throw mud and don’t actually follow through and consider what the story really is.  

If you go back and if you listen to the illegally posted, copyrighted material thats on YouTube [we both chuckle] I clearly refer to “the crowd wants a call for a hit from behind”.  That is what was so hilarious.  Because even before we knew that Patrice Bergeron had a broken neck on the 27th of October, 2007.  Even before we knew what the result of the examination was.  While he was still unconscious, the Flyers had issued a public relations release, and the Philadelphia media swallowed it whole, to the point that some columnist in Philadelphia actually wrote that Bergeron knew the hit was coming.  

Funny, but I’ve talked to Patrice Bergeron dozens of times about that incident, and at no point does he say anything about any kind of knowledge that Randy Jones, who was skating straight at Bergeron’s back, who coiled as you can clearly see in the replay, Jones coils as he crosses the goal line and drives Bergeron 90 degrees straight into the dasher, hitting to hurt.  Clearly evident that even the lenient Colin Campbell agreed and suspended Jones for the game.  

The Philadelphia media swallowed the PR spin whole to the point that the Philadelphia fans now, in revisionist history, a lot of them think that hit by Jones was not a significant hit.  That there was no problem with it, and that it was just the circumstance that resulted in Jones’ suspension.  For that crowd to whine and moan after a perfectly legal shoulder-to-shoulder hit, that sent Jones in a non-threatening angle down behind the goal, not face first but sideways into the boards.  For them to whine that there should be a hit from behind, frankly, was hilarious.  Anybody who can’t connect those two dots, and see the humor in the crowd, not at the hit by Lucic but the crowd’s reaction, you’re distorting the story or have no sense of humor.

I'm sorry Jack, but I don't take my shots courtesy of the Flyers PR department.

I was at school in Connecticut, watching that game on your precious NESN last year. I was watching with an appalled Bruins fan who called for the head of Randy Jones as soon as the hit was made. I didn't even read anything from the Philadelphia media about the situation until the day after.

It was a bad hit. It was a dangerous hit. The only thing that Flyers fans have ever said to defend Jones is that "he's not that type of player" and that, perhaps Bergeron put himself in a dangerous position by turning his back at the last second. There is no way that Jones meant to hurt Bergeron. Shit, the guy apologized as soon as the game was over. 

But to have the gall to say that Flyers fans can't complain about a hit from behind on one of their players, simply because that player was guilty of a hit from behind last season, is absolute bullshit. These are the things we're trying to eliminate from our game and there should be no exceptions.

There's nothing hilarious about hits from behind, no matter the severity. You're an idiot.

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