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Phantoms kinda scrap purple, unveil new uniforms

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With the move from Philadelphia to Glens Falls, NY, the Phantoms are losing one of their defining features from their days at the Spectrum. They will no longer have purple as their primary color, losing it and keeping just the Flyers' orange and black.

You can see the white jersey above. Click the photo above to see both jerseys. They were unveiled yesterday at a press conference in Glens Falls.

In other Phantoms news, Comcast-Spectacor vice president Ike Richman apparantly saved some of the ice from the Spectrum -- in liquid form, of course --  and will dump it onto the ice surface at the Glens Falls Civic Center on Opening Night.

There also is no word on when the Spectrum will be demolished at this point. The last scheduled event in the building is August 23, when "The Wiggles Go Bananas" takes the stage. You kiddin' me?


UPDATE: So, if you look really closely at the uniforms, there's some purple in there still. They include purple in the color pallette at the bottom of the full-size rendering as well. So while purple might not be as prominent as it was before, it's still there (kinda). Thanks to Matt P from The 700 Level for the tip.