Stanley Cup Finals



The Red Wings go up 2-0 on Penguins with collective team effort as series shifts to Pittsburgh.

Alright Flyers fans, the Stanley Cup Finals are two games deep with Detroit taking care of home ice advantage, up 2-0 heading to Pittsburgh for Games 3 and 4. So far, the Red Wings have put on hockey clinic. Osgood has been spectacular making the big saves when the Red Wings have needed it. Hank Zetterberg has done perfectly what we all hoped Mike Richards would do in shutting down Crosby. Crosby has no points, Malkin has been absent and Marc-Andre Fleury has let in some soft goals. He has not played anything like he did against the Flyers (further showing how badly he stole that series).

As a Flyers fan I am absolutely rooting for Detroit to repeat as Champion. I am hoping the Red Wings will sweep and if they continue playing the way that have (without Pavel Datsuyk I might add) its not a stretch. Anyone else feel the same?

So, what does everyone here think? Have you all been watching the Finals? I know in Travis' last post there was a little discussion but I would like to know what everyone is thinking (plus I check this everyday hoping to have a new topic to discuss but it has been pretty dry of late). As I watch these games I compare how I think the Flyers would be doing or what they need to do to reach this ultimate level which makes for an interesting perspective I think.

Some things I have been thinking about:

  • The present Red Wings are the most complete hockey team I have ever seen . . . I think.

  • Crosby's frustration level is beginning to show. His hack on Maltby at the end of Game 1 is my example. There are claims that Crosby feeds off this kind of stuff but he still has done nothing. Interesting . . . take notes Mike Richards.

  • Do you remember back to the Flyers/Penguins First round series where we as Flyers fans were continually citing "bad bounces" as an explanation for losses? Well I am hearing that a lot from Pens fans now. Its partially legit considering how many posts the Penguins hit in game two, but the Penguins are also getting completely outworked in every aspect. Just an interesting observation.

  • Officiating. Everyones favorite topic right? These two teams don't really take penalties and the officiating, in my opinion, has been great. Agree or disagree? I was surprised to see how much PensBurgh fans were complaining about the Refs considering there have only been five penalties called in both games (excluding the 3rd Period of Game 2). I didn't even know that few penalties could be called after watching the Flyers all year.

  • How do we get Mike Babcock to come coach in Philly? He is a superior hockey coach. He has a team that has bought into his system and does every little thing right. He is out-coaching Dan Bylsma and getting production from 4th line guys.

  • When it comes to depth the Red Wings are defining it. Now compare the Flyers forwards and Red Wings forwards. Individually, are the Flyers more skilled and deeper? Maybe but they just don't compare as a group. The Wings are much better. Even at defense, the Wings are deep where guys like Chris Chelios don't play (but thats because he is American lol). I am further affirmed that the Flyers MUST address the defense. They need a legit shut down guy (man, J-Bo would look great in Orange and Black) not someone whose forte is an offensive defenseman that can move the puck.

  • Also, is depth the Penguins biggest problem right now? Malkin and Croby have done nothing and are getting shut down. Pittsburgh needs to get production from the surrounding cast which they just aren't getting. This goes back to Pittsburgh mid-season struggles and might be the biggest reason they are losing this series.

  • Malkin's little temper tantrum at the end of Game 2. The NBC guys think that Geno's bottled up emotion coming out will be a spark for the Penguins. Kinda like Max Talbot getting his face beat in by Dan Carcillo was a spark right? Haha . . . Sorry if it is still too soon :(

  • There are a ton of other things. These are just a few that I have been thinking about. What are yours?

So far it has been a good series despite the redundancy of both teams. I am interested to see, as Flyers fans, your feelings about first two games. I have gone over and invaded Winging It In Motown and kept tabs on PensBurgh throughout Game 1 and 2 but it is just not the same as chatting with my friends here at Broad Street.

Let me know what you are thinking and your analyses of the series so far and if nothing else at least it gives us something to talk about.

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