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Flyers to introduce Emery at 11 AM news conference

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Channel 17 screen capture via <a href=""></a>
Channel 17 screen capture via

Ray Emery was spotted at Philadelphia International Airport this evening, receiving a personal escort from general manager Paul Holmgren as he arrived in town. The news was reported by MyPHL 17 news at 10 PM and then recapped by The 700 Level. This comes just hours after the team announced that a major press conference will be held at 11 AM Wednesday morning at the Skate Zone in Voorhees.

Clearly it's not just a coincidence: the Flyers will announce their intent to sign Ray Emery tomorrow morning at the Skate Zone. He cannot officially sign a contract until July 1 because he played in Russia last season. He is allowed to talk to the Flyers and come to an agreement at this stage, however, because no NHL team currently holds his rights.

The press conference can be viewed live online at and locally in the Delaware Valley on Comcast SportsNet.