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Some Important BSH News: Draft, Free Agency, and Help Wanted

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With the offseason officially here and major events like the NHL Awards, the Entry Draft, and free agency just around the corner, it's becoming a busy time around the hockey world and here at Broad Street Hockey. These busy times bring a lot of work but also their fair share of excitement to this corner of the internet.

Broad Street Hockey and SB Nation are headed to the NHL Draft. Nine of the SBN hockey writers have been granted press credentials from the NHL to the 2009 Draft in Montreal, including our fearless leader James Mirtle of From The Rink, Robert of Habs Eyes On The Prize, Matt of Bird Watchers Anonymous, Brandon of Defending Big D, David of Die By The Blade, Julian of Pension Plan Puppets, Jim of Blueshirt Banter, Frank from Pensburgh, and myself.

We all will be in Montreal for the entire draft, live from the draft floor reporting on all the goings on during one of the NHL's most premier events. We will have full press access, giving us the chance to chat with players, prospects, front office types, league insiders, and pretty much anybody else. This is all happening thanks to the hard work of everybody behind the scenes here at SB Nation, and we simply cannot thank them enough. Because of their hard work, the draft coverage we will be able to provide here at SBN and BSH cannot be matched by any other internet media outlet.

This opportunity is a dream come true for myself as I'm sure it is for the other excellent writers that have been assembled here at SBN hockey. If you have any suggestions or requests on how we should cover the event, let me know.

SBN Mock Draft Starting Tuesday. In the run up to our live, in-person coverage of the draft in Montreal, the hockey writers across SBN are putting together a mock draft. It will begin Tuesday and will continue through next week. The Flyers have the 21st pick in the first round and will select on Monday, June 22 in the SBN mock. All of the picks will be centralized on Mirtle's From The Rink site, with detailed analysis given on each pick at the individual team sites.

Help Wanted: adding a writer. The times are getting busier around here and it's time to take Broad Street Hockey to the next level. We will be adding an Adirondack writer to cover the Phantoms for us here on a weekly basis, and we're also looking to add another Flyers writer. If you are interested in writing, have a deep knowledge of Philadelphia hockey and the NHL, and have the time to dedicate to this website, send an email over to broadstreethockey at Please include why you're interested in writing here and a writing sample.