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2009 SBN NHL Mock Draft: Narrowing down our choices

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Over the past four days, hockey writers from across SB Nation have been participating in a mock draft. Today is the fourth day of the event, and as you can see, things are well underway. Here's what's happened so far.

1. New York Islanders (Lighthouse Hockey) - John Tavares, London (OHL)
2. Tampa Bay Lightning (Raw Charge) - Victor Hedman, Modo (Sweden)
3. Colorado Avalanche (Mile High Hockey) - Matt Duchene, Brampton (OHL)
4. Atlanta Thrashers (Bird Watchers Anonymous) - Evander Kane, Vancouver (WHL)
5. Los Angeles Kings (Battle of California) - Brayden Schenn, Brandon (WHL)
6. Phoenix Coyotes (Five For Howling) - Jared Cowen, Spokane (WHL)
7. Toronto Maple Leafs (Pension Plan Puppets) - Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi Timrå IK (Swedish Elitserien)
8. Dallas Stars (Defending Big D) - Oliver Ekman-Larssen, Leksand IF (Sweden)
9. Ottawa Senators (Silver Seven) - Nazem Kadri, London (OHL)
10. Edmonton Oilers (The Copper & Blue) - Ryan Ellis, Windsor (OHL)
11. Nashville Predators (On The Forecheck) - Jordan Schroeder, U of Minnesota (NCAA)
12. Minnesota Wild (Hockey Wilderness) - Zach Budish, Edina, MN (HS)

The master list is being updated on James Mirtle's From The Rink, but for detailed explantions on each pick, visit the individual team sites. Broad Street Hockey will make the Flyers selection this sometime on Saturday or Sunday, and it will be announced on Monday morning. But like the draft, it's never a one-man undertaking. Your help is needed, and today, we'll be narrowing down the choices. First off, we need to decide what position the pick should be.

Of course, it all depends on who is available. But there are a ton of solid defenseman, as well as a ton of solid forwards that should be available when the Flyers select at 21. In essence, are the Flyers in need of stockpiling young blue line talent, or should they be selecting a forward with their first round pick? Or should they scrap all of that and go with a goalie, despite the fact that Paul Holmgren said they won't be doing that in the first round?

Your help is needed in making this selection. Once a decision is reached on a position, we'll break down the top five players that should be available at 21 in hopes of getting some sort of consensus on a pick. Of course it's all going to blow up in our faces and Calgary is going to take whoever we select. But them's the breaks when it comes to the draft, ya know?

Anyway, back to the question. Should the Flyers select a forward, a defenseman, or a goalie with the 21st overall pick? This poll will be open through the afternoon and evening tonight, and early tomorrow a breakdown of the available players will be up with some more poll action.