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Comparing the Penguins 0-2 hole with the Flyers

A few weeks ago, the Flyers were down 2-0 to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the NHL playoffs. We were cautiously optimistic that our team, coming home to Philadelphia for Games 3 and 4, would turn the series around and head back to the Steel City tied. Let's compare some post-game-two quotes from then and now.

Here are some quotes from Pensburgh after Game 2, followed by quotes from myself following our first round Game 2.

Billy Guerin rang it off the post early in the game, Sidney Crosby beat Chris Osgood but found metal as well.  Either of those go in and we've got a new game. ... But in hockey you hear about good bounces and bad bounces all the time.  A few good bounces in Pitt's favor can send this back to Detroit tied at two a piece.

>> Pensburgh, on unlucky bounces

Philly could've had a two-goal cushion in the third period if it weren't for Marc-Andre Fleury's toe. .... The thing about home ice is that the home team usually tends to get the bounces. At the Igloo, it was 120 percent obvious that the Pens had a monopoly on luck. Don't be surprised if that tide turns as we head to Philadelphia.

>> Broad Street Hockey, on unlucky bounces

You can blame a number of things for the position Pitt now finds themselves in heading into Game 3.  Many fans, present company included, felt penalties played a huge factor in Game 2.  But whatever you and I complain or cry about isn't going to change where the Pens are sitting right now.

>> Pensburgh, on penalties

It is ironic, then, that penalties are what did the Flyers in tonight. A 5-on-3 goal by Bill Guerin 18-and-a-half minutes into the first overtime period put Philadelphia in a serious hole as the series heads to South Broad Street on Sunday afternoon. The infractions that caused that five-on-three weren't the cheap shots that Daniel Carcillo was guilty of on Wednesday, nor were they even slightly dirty. But nonetheless, they were penalties.

>> Broad Street Hockey, on penalties

Pittsburgh's been down 2-0 before this playoffs, so nothing is decided just yet.  The Penguins get the benefit to go to home ice, get their favorable matchup and crowd to hopefully help turn this thing around.

>> Pensburgh, on coming home

But this thing isn't over -- let's make that clear right now. The Flyers still have three home games left in this series, and they made it clear tonight that they have the fight in them to win a game at the Igloo. ... There's a lot more hockey to be played, so let's take care of business and get this thing back to the Steel City.

>> Broad Street Hockey, on coming home

The blogs sound pretty similar, don't they? But of course, it's one thing for those of us on the outside to have the same feelings while down in an 0-2 hole. Do the players feel the same way? Here's Sergei Gonchar last night.

"We have a good chance (of winning the series).  We have to continue playing well and creating a lot of chances. We have to continue playing the same way. If we do that we’ll have a chance."

Compare that to the Flyers after game two, who went on and on about how they had played well enough to win the game, and how if they kept playing the same way, bounces would start to go their way. This is all eerily similar, is it not? It might be the hatred of the Penguins in me talking, but I have a feeling that while Pittsburgh has been the Flyers kryptonite over the last two seasons, Detroit may be the same for them.