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Obligatory Introductions

As the first of three new members to introduce themselves here, my inability to begin any piece is readily evident:  I don't have anyone to plagiarize.  So, I'll just begin by saying that I am extremely excited about the opportunity to write for Broad Street Hockey.  I don't remember what BSH was called before moving to SB Nation, but I know I found it about 2 weeks before the move and have been a (too) frequent visitor here since.  Many of you probably know me as Shagg, or the guy who really hates Randy Jones.  Needless to say, I am honored to write for BSH.  That being said, I am a complete rookie at blogging.  Because of that, I ask for your patience as I lean heavily on Travis and Ben to touch up my work until I learn to make my posts look as nice as Travis' do. 

So, a little bit about me:  I just finished my first year at Drexel Law after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh.  It is definitely nice to be back in Philly after spending four years in Pittsburgh - I returned in time for the Phillies World Series win and avoided two parades.  I'm 23 years old, so I'm much more knowledgeable about the post-Spectrum Flyers, but I have been a fan since I went to my first game 16 years ago.  (A 4-1 loss to the Calgary Flames, where Theo Fleury scored a hat trick and Mikael Renberg scored the Flyers only goal)  Now that I'm back in Philly, hopefully I can get back to the Wach as frequently as I did before college.

Lastly, going forward, I encourage all of you to help me get better as well.  If you feel I can do something better, please let me know.  Hopefully, I can maintain the high quality of writing Travis has established while contributing another point of view.