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A tentative draft weekend schedule

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Broad Street Hockey will be reporting live from the NHL Draft in Montreal all weekend long, beginning this evening. Here's what you need to know to follow the coverage.

  • Live open threads while the draft is taking place. Friday evening around 5 PM ET, there will be a live open thread to follow along with the first round draft proceedings and any of the other craziness that may occur. This year's first round is expected to be very active, especially on the trade front according to Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren. In the States, television coverage of the first round will be provided by Versus at 7 PM ET. The second through seventh rounds will take place beginning Saturday morning at 10 AM ET.
  • Follow Broad Street Hockey on Twitter and Facebook. Some of you may not be on Twitter just yet, but if there's a reason for joining up, this is it. I will be commenting on a lot of the proceedings via Twitter on my mobile phone, especially considering getting back to the computer won't always be a feasible option. My Twitter feed will be located in the live threads.
  • Of course, the site will be updated frequently with news, quotes, sound bites, interviews, exclusive pictures and more.

Be sure to check the SBN Draft Hub for news from all over the league. I'll be traveling to Montreal with our good friend Frank D of Pensburgh, and a seven hour drive shared by a Flyers and a Penguins fan should provide at least a few bits of good cinema. Also covering the draft live here at SBN will be Robert of Eyes On The Prize, Matt of Bird Watchers Anonymous, David of Die By The Blade, Jules of Pension Plan Puppets, Jim of Blueshirt Banter, and Brandon from Defending Big D.

It should be an exciting weekend, so stay tuned to Broad Street Hockey for the most in-depth live coverage of the Flyers 2009 draft.