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Holmgren: Pronger gives us a better chance to win the Stanley Cup

Some raw quotes from Paul Holmgren's meeting with the media here in Montreal...

"Joffrey Lupul is a good player and Luca Sbisa is going to be a good player, but we're trying to win here. And we think Chris is a guy who can help us to achieving our goal."

"Over the last few years, we've sort of changed our approach, and we've changed our defense as well. We have mobility and puck movement and speed back there, but you don't get too many opportunities to acquire a guy like Chris. He's the total package -- a proven winner and I think his presence will be a tremendous asset to our organization."

"There's a lot of good teams in our conference and at the end of the summer there's only one Stanley Cup Champion. I think Chris gives us a better chance. I think we have a better chance today than yesterday."

"July 1 is a different animal. We'll be in the office on July 1. We still have work to do and we'll see what we can do."

"[Pairings] are up to John [Stevens]. I think Chris, because of his abilities, he can play either side. I think he'd play well with a lot of different players."

"I never spoke with [Pronger's agent] Pat Morrison about Chris [prior to making the deal]. I'll sit down and see what we can do."

Holmgren also noted that the condition on the third pick in the deal is if the Flyers win the Stanley Cup. If the Flyers win the Cup this season, they owe the Ducks a third round pick.

You can listen to the raw audio here. Please note that it hasn't been polished.