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Live from Montreal: 2009 NHL Draft Day Two Open Thread

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I'm just settling into the Bell Centre here on Saturday morning, and seven minutes into the second round, we're already six picks into the draft. It will surely be a much faster event this afternoon as we complete the remainder of the event, rounds two through seven. You can watch today's events on the NHL Network.

Here is your open thread.

The Flyers selections today:

  • Round 2: no pick
  • Round 3: 81st overall, 87th overall
  • Round 4: no pick
  • Round 5: 142nd overall
  • Round 6: 153rd overall, 172nd overall
  • Round 7: 196th overall

1:27 PM - The Flyers select another gigantic defenseman, Oliver Lauridsen, with their final pick in the draft. That's three huge defensemen that the Flyers have added to the organization -- Pronger, Bertilsson, and now Lauridsen -- in less than 24 hours.

12:54 PM - Kyle Wellwood's brother Eric is selected by the Flyers with the 172nd pick.

12:43 PM - With the 153rd overall pick, the Flyers select center Dave Labrecque.

12:26 PM - Flyers select Nicola Riopel, a goaltender from the QMJHL, with the 142nd pick.

11:50 AM - Paul Holmgren speaks with the media on the draft floor, says that he hasn't spoken with Martin Biron's agent, and that Pronger "plays within the rules more often than not." He also shot down a rumor that had the Flyers going after Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov.

11:09 AM - Flyers select Simon Bertilsson, a Swedish defenseman, with the 87th pick.

11:04 AM - Flyers select Adam Morrison, a goaltender, with the 81st overall selection.

10:56 AM - Minnesota selects Matt Hackett, a goalie that could've been on the Flyers list.

10:40 AM - The Islanders open up the third round.

10:04 AM - The Panthers have traded Jay Bouwmeester to Calgary.