Pronger Trade

This smells like Clarke had his hand in it. The Flyers don't like to develop players, they like to rent them. Being a Flyers fan since the Cup Days, I am not surprised. Pronger didn't even sound like he wanted to be in Philly when he was interviewed. We traded our future players for a 1 year rent a player. Remember Oats? Remember Forsberg? In addition, what else will we loose because of the cap, Knuble? What happened to the other younger defensive players that were available, and why do we have to pay sooooo much money for this one year wonder? Silly trade Homer. First Briere, and now Pronger...duh. Hartz, and Timmy were good trades, but I would have kept Umburger, and dropped Briere. Oh, well. We wait for the cup once more. I can see getting rid of Nitty (inconsistent/injury prone). Biron, maybe, maybe not. He brought stability to a unstable cage. Who will back Emery? Tampa's Denis? Like I said, here we go again. Upshall please come back. And on and on..........

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