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2009 Free Agency: Early July 1 notebook

The free agency period begins at 12:00 PM ET today, July 1. For a cheat sheet on all the action and what to expect from the Flyers, click here. For a look at the updated salary cap numbers for the Flyers, click here. An open thread will be posted around 11 AM ET to discuss all the happenings of the day.

First, a quote from Mike Knuble regarding his pending status as a free agent. At noon, Knuble will no longer be a Flyer, but Paul Holmgren remains adamant that the Flyers are trying to re-sign the veteran forward. From Chuck Gormley of the Courier-Post...

The sticking point with the Flyers is term: Knuble wants two years, the Flyers are offering one.

"I need to start making plans for other things," Knuble said. "I've got to pull my head out of the sand and see what's going to happen (on Wednesday)."

Among the teams interested in Knuble are Tampa Bay, St. Louis, the Penguins  and Rangers.

Also from Gormley, the Flyers are apparently keen on signing Brian Boucher. Details from the reporter, who seems pretty keen on the idea himself...

Boucher makes perfect sense on all levels.  He was an excellent backup in San Jose last season and made no waves about riding the pine. He’ll come cheap at around $750,000. He loves this area and is a true team player. And he might be the ying to Ray Emery’s yang. Yes, Boucher can be emotional, but he’s calmed considerably since his rookie year in 2000 and he could be the perfect mentor for Emery.

I'm against the idea solely for the fact I feel the Flyers should be going after a player that can take over a starting position if Emery falters. With a player that is as uncertain to play at a high level as Emery, there needs to be an insurance policy. Not having a strong, potential starter behind him is too big of a risk to take, especially when the team is clearly going all out for the Cup this season.

As for Martin Biron, he knows his time in Philadelphia is nearing it's end. He is keeping the door open to the Flyers, however, in case something changes. Here's what he told ESPN's Pierre LeBrun yesterday...

I mean, we're less than 24 hours away, although I guess something could happen in the next day. I don't know. Unless I get a call that something very drastic has happened, I think we'll be looking to check and see what happens [in free agency]. But you never know; I've seen crazier things happen. I'm open to all options.